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As a public institution of a scientific, cultural and professional nature, the UBO’s primary missions are to contribute to the research development and to raise the scientific, cultural and professional level both nationally and internationally, to participate in regional and national growth, economic development and the implementation of employment and employability strategies. Finally, it contributes to reducing social and cultural inequalities.

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By combining the efforts, expertise and skills of 9 linked universities in Croatia, Germany, France, Malta, Poland, Spain, Italy, Norway and Portugal, the SEA-EU vision is to explore, develop and share multidisciplinary knowledge as a platform which is representative of sustainable development in Europe. The accent is on student and staff mobility (international, inter-sector and virtual) within the Alliance, which in turn fosters multilingualism and multiculturalism.

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This five-year project aims to train 30,000 people in initial or continuing education. To do this three strategic areas have been defined:
•Attractiveness and career guidance: by offering the public improved job-related visibility and knowledge via communication activities.
• Innovation, Research and International: through innovative technical platforms, development of mobilities and research and development.
• Courses, Education and Training: through the creation of new training courses and the maritimization of existing ones.

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The University of Western Brittany (UBO) trains tomorrow’s citizens and as such has a specific role to play in sustainable development and social responsibility. It has long been committed to a proactive and cross-disciplinary approach with the objective of building a society of responsibility and solidarity.

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The Digital Encyclopaedia of European Sociability (DIGIT.EN.S) project will produce the first open access digital encyclopedia on sociability in Europe in the long Eighteenth Century. The aim of the DIGIT.EN.S project is twofold:

1. to develop the field of research on British sociability in the long eighteenth century,

2. to link British models of sociability to other European and colonial models of sociability and to examine how models and forms circulated from one society to another, how they were appropriated and modified, leading to the diffusion and construction of new models of sociability in Europe.

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The Interdisciplinary graduate School for the Blue planet (ISblue) was created to address the growing challenges facing ocean and coastal ecosystems. It also aims to train the next generation of ocean innovators and scientific leaders in oceanographic research to meet the growing needs of the blue economy through high quality, research-based education.

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Inspired by the FabLab digital fabrication model, UBO Open Factory is a 300 m² multidisciplinary innovation laboratory. Open to all UBO students and staff and to people and organizations outside the university, it is equipped with traditional tools and digitally controlled machines (e.g. 3D printers and laser cutters) for rapid prototyping. Managers offer innovation training and support for project leaders. Conferences or creative marathons are just two types of events organized to create links. Students from different disciplines meet to brainstorm current societal issues (sustainable development, disability, cities in transition, culture, etc.).

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