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Education Policy Institute
Education Policy Institute
London, United Kingdom

Education Policy Institute

The Education Policy Institute is an independent, impartial and evidence-based research institute that aims to promote high quality education outcomes for all children and young people, regardless of social background.

Education can have a transformative effect on the life chances of young people, enabling them to fulfill their potential, have successful careers, and grasp opportunities. As well as having a positive impact on the individual, good quality education and child wellbeing also promotes economic productivity and a cohesive society.

Too many children, presently, don’t get the education and support they need to make the most of their lives. The evidence of the gaps that exist is set out each year in our research on education in England.

Identifying and promoting good education policy is therefore crucial. But the policy debate is often occupied by contradictory views, which can be based on personal experience, anecdote, and political instinct. There is an urgent need for objective, impartial, and independent research that can influence and inform the education debate – rigorous research which is grounded in evidence.

The Education Policy Institute’s aim is to help fill this space. Our data-driven research and analysis sheds light on whether current policy is delivering a high quality, equitable, education system, and identifies issues where further policy development is needed. Through research and analysis, our aim is to hold government, policy-makers, and education providers to account for their performance, and help identify the policies which can improve educational outcomes for all, particularly for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in our society.

An independent and influential organisation needs a team of experienced, talented and motivated staff to achieve this ambition. The Education Policy Institute is fortunate to have assembled a strong and diverse team to lead our research effort.