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We are a global supplier of bioscience based ingredients to the food, health and animal feed industries, with leading positions in the markets in which we operate. We produce cultures and dairy enzymes, probiotics and natural colors. Our market positions are built on our product innovation and applications, production processes, long-term customer relationships and intellectual property.
Our knowledge of bioscience and its applications within cultures and enzymes is our core competency and serves as the technical foundation for our products.  This knowledge platform has enabled us to develop innovative products and applications and efficient solutions to address customer needs. We operate through the following three divisions, which operate globally and maintain synergies through the use of our common technology and sales platform:
  • We develop and produce cultures, enzymes and probiotics for the dairy industry in particular
  • … and for the food industry in general – e.g. for wine and meat
  • Our ingredients determine taste, appearance, nutritional value and health benefits
  • We are the global market leader in dairy ingredients
  • Actually… every other cheese in the world contains our enzymes
  • We develop and produce products for dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, infant formula and animal feed
  • Our key offering is probiotic cultures with documented effect
    • For humans
    • For animals
  • We believe in strong research and documentation through clinical study program trials
  • We develop and produce natural colors for the food industry
    • We focus on natural colors in:
    • Beverages
    • Confectionery
    • Ice cream
    • Dairy and fruit preparations
  • Our colors originate from natural sources like berries, roots and seeds
  • We are global frontrunners in encapsulation and stabilization techniques

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