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Anglia Ruskin University is like no other higher education institution. That’s a bold statement, but we’ve plenty of evidence to back this up:

  • Our research results and innovation in teaching and business development have led to us being named the Entrepreneurial University of the Year (Times Higher Education Awards 2014).
  • In a number of areas, we’re generating world-leading research, as recognised by the UK’s Higher Education funding bodies. Results of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 highlight our research activities as making a significant impact on economies, societies, the environment and culture globally.
  • 39,400 students choose to study with us every year across the world.
  • From day one, we help our students work towards a career and graduate with confidence. The results speak for themselves: 9 out of 10 of our graduates start their careers within the first six months.
  • We’re the first university to get a Customer Service Excellence Award and our Student Services Team was rated the UK’s best (Times Higher Education Awards).
  • We run EU-funded programmes in our region, worth millions of Euros, which help researchers, businesses and organisations get on.
  • The Anglia Ruskin Medtech Campus was launched at the House of Commons. This will be one of the world’s largest health innovation spaces, creating 12,500 jobs and boosting the UK’s medical technology sector by £1.2 billion.
  • We’ve five faculties at ARU, each providing students, industry and the academic community with professionally focused and world-leading courses and research.

Our Five Faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education
  • Faculty of Medical Science
  • Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Lord Ashcroft International Business School

Our Research Institutes

In the last decade, we’ve forged ahead with our research work. We’ve research-active staff across ARU, and a growing reputation in this area.

You’ll now find six high-profile research institutes here. The first of these was our Postgraduate Medical Institute, set up in 2008, which carries out ground-breaking medical research and trains healthcare professionals in a range of sophisticated techniques. The Institute for International Management Practice followed in 2009; it’s dedicated to researching in the fields of enterprise, innovation and internationalisation.

In 2010, we established the Cultures of the Digital Economy (CoDE) Research Institute to explore the effects of the digital economy on art, culture and society. Next came the Global Sustainability Institute in 2011. It focuses on issues surrounding climate change and sustainability and has quickly gained a reputation for its topical, high-impact research and reports.

Finally, our two newest institutes were set up in 2014. The Veterans and Families Institute is carrying out valuable research into the impact of military experience on veterans and their loved ones; and the Anglia Ruskin IT Research Institute works to enhance IT systems through intelligent modelling and visualisation.

Alongside these six institutes is a range of research units, dedicated to subjects as diverse as music therapy, eye diseases, children’s book studies, and political history.


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