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We are the first satellite operator to offer IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT.

Our constellation serves as cell towers in space, expanding mobile operator coverage and providing global connectivity to unmodified commercial terrestrial devices wherever they are. 


Digitalization has enriched many aspects of our lives, such as society, business, health, and education.

However, this is only limited to 15% of the world, where terrestrial infrastructure exists.

Our mission is to enable digitalization to happen everywhere, allowing everyone to digitize their activities in the easiest way possible, improving the quality of life for everyone and fostering innovation for tomorrow.

Because we believe:

A connected world is a better world!

Why Choose Us?

We implement and offer connectivity based on a standard protocol.

The satellite industry has traditionally offered connectivity based on proprietary solutions. End users have to pay monthly subscription costs and invest in proprietary hardware.

Sateliot's Global connectivity goes beyond what is available in the market, as it is the first LEO Satellite connectivity provider that works under the 3GPP Standard, an agreement made by top-notch tech companies such as Apple, Sony, and Samsung, among others.

Sateliot is the first to take advantage of this standard, which allows all existing NB-IoT devices to be connected via Satellite through Sateliot's constellation. This means Sateliot is able to provide service at a similar cost and price to that of terrestrial cellular networks. This innovation will finally enable the massive adoption of IoT in traditional out-of-coverage areas.

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