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ESCE’s mission is to educate international business leaders with full awareness of their ethical, social and cultural responsibilities in a globalized world. The school carries out its mission through a research-led program emphasizing managerial knowledge and practical skills.


Our chief commitment is to constantly mobilize all our efforts and resources to lead our students towards success. Our students’ reciprocal commitment to their course of study produces a cumulative energy full of promise.


We foster the professional and personal development of our students with integrity. While actively promoting fairness, diversity and equality, we encourage our students to take full responsibility for their choices and actions.


ESCE has always strived to design original courses and a customizable curriculum, and to deliver them with enthusiasm.


ESCE’s dynamic and innovative approach is guided by the principles of constant development, adaptability to the labor market and anticipation of contemporary educational and economic needs, underpinned by the fusion of our collective talents and skills.


Openness to others has been a core value since the school’s foundation. This means listening, welcoming different points of view, paying individual attention to each of our students, and a long-standing will to federate and share the best that each of us has to offer.


“Shared meaning.” A concept that has become reality at ESCE through the daily interaction between the different cultures that thrive in the school.

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