Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST)

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About the employer

The Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) vision is to be a premier research-based university of science, engineering and technology internationally recognised for the quality and excellence of its teaching and learning; research and innovation and engagement.


  • Produce world class research and innovation in science, engineering and technology contributing to industry growth, development & advancement of a diversified knowledge-based economy.
  • Produce tomorrow’s leaders in industry and society through the provision of relevant, innovative, quality research intensive education of an international standard.
  • Promote community, national, regional and international development through the transfer of the University’s knowledge and the provision of its skills and expertise.


  • To provide higher education and training;
  • To undertake, promote and facilitate research and scholarly investigations;
  • To advance and disseminate knowledge and skills through teaching, learning and practical skills training;
  • To contribute to national and international scientific and technological development;
  • To support and contribute to the realisation of national economic and social development; contribute to the cultural and social life of the community;
  • To advance the intellectual and human resources capacity of the international community.


A place where the spirit of its people echo long after you have left; the expanse of its landscapes shapes forever a global perspective, and a place where the innocence of its wildlife is ensured.