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Research engineer dynamic systems & control

2024-05-21 (Europe/Brussels)
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You develop advanced controllers for smart and interconnected systems (machines, robots and vehicles).

Develop advanced control algorithms and combine these with novel AI methods.

  • You set up research projects in advanced control technologies and
  • tackle challenges in terms of modelling and model-based control, model-predictive control, adaptive control, control of systems, AI-based approaches for control…
  • for a wide range of industrial applications (e.g. collaborative robots, autonomous vehicles, forklifts, weaving machines, agricultural robots, 3D printers, car suspensions, hybrid drivetrains…).

As an expert in dynamic systems & control, you:

  • Identify the industrial company’s challenges;
  • Design a dynamic model of the plant system and propose a control strategy (system approach);
  • Develop and implement new controllers (Matlab, Simulink, Python…);
  • Validate the results in cooperation with validation engineers;
  • Work in a multidisciplinary team (sensing, actuation, validation, vision…).

Experienced engineers will also coach young researchers and lead projects.


It is enjoyable to work on something new at the edge of new possibilities, yet applied to real engineering problems. Applying our innovation and immediately proving its value to companies, makes it a fulfilling experience,” Branimir, Research Engineer at Flanders Make since 2014.

Creative conceptual thinker with theoretical background

You bring;

  • A Master’s or PhD diploma in Control Engineering or another relevant domain (Mechanical, Electronical, Electrical, Automotive, Modelling & Simulation, Mechatronics, Robotics…);
  • A strong theoretical background in the field of system theory, modelling, simulation and control;
  • Practical experience in at least two advanced control technologies for dynamic systems and the use of AI-based methods for mechatronics applications.
  • A track record in research (in academy or industry) and in applying theoretical concepts to practical case problems.

You recognize yourself as:

  • A proficient user of modelling, data analysis and algorithm development software, such as Matlab, Simulink, Python, and other relevant tools;
  • A conceptual thinker inspired by research problems and technological innovation;
  • A good listener and communicator who can build sustainable relationships;
  • Pro-active and take initiative;
  • Enthusiastic about developing new project ideas;
  • Open-minded and a team player.

Creative flexible work environment

  • Flanders Make gives you the opportunity to develop yourself in its network of leading industrial companies, universities and research institutes;
  • An open-minded, flexible and challenging working environment;
  • A warm atmosphere and top colleagues;
  • An attractive salary with fringe benefits.

Depending on your place of residence or preference, you can work in our offices in Leuven, Lommel or Kortrijk (flexible workplace policy).

Job details

Research engineer dynamic systems & control
Graaf Karel De Goedelaan 5 Kortrijk, Belgium
Application deadline
2024-05-21 23:59 (Europe/Brussels)
2024-05-21 23:59 (CET)
Job type
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About the employer

Flanders Make is a fast-growing research centre that performs research to support companies from various sectors in their sustainable innovation pr...

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