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CY Advanced Studies 2022 - FIR programme

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The 2022 Fellows-in-Residence Program is a residential programme hosting max. 9 researchers from outside CY Initiative, for a period ranging from 4 months to one year. This programme aims at promoting interdisciplinary exchanges, international collaborations, and at strengthening the attractiveness of CY Initiative partners.

All fields of research are eligible. Fellows are encouraged to develop their research in line with the research activity carried out by the CY Initiative laboratories.

Three types of fellowships are proposed:

  •       Junior fellowships: for researchers who have obtained their PhD over the last ten years, with or without a permanent position at a university or research institute. These fellowships are awarded for a duration of one year and may be renewed for one additional year. A first post-doctoral experience is particularly appreciated.
  •       Senior fellowships:  for researchers who have obtained their PhD more than ten years ago, with a permanent position at a university or research institute. These fellowships are awarded for a duration of 4 to 10 months and, in case of long-term collaborations, can be divided into two or three stays, of minimum 3 months each.
  •       National fellowships at junior or senior level: for researchers holding a permanent position in French higher education and research institutions. For one semester, CY AS offers the possibility to host researchers during a CRCT or délégation period by reimbursing teaching costs to their home institution. This scheme is also open to international researchers from partner universities.

A detailed description of the Fellows-in-Residence call and the application template are available on the platform. The platform for application opens on Thursday 18 November 2021.

The application, in English only, is a two-stage process:

  1. The summary of the research project must be submitted by Thursday 13 January 2022, 13:00 CET;
  2. The full application must be submitted by Wednesday 9 February 2022, 13:00 CET.

Job details

CY Advanced Studies 2022 - FIR programme
33 Boulevard du Port Cergy, France
Application deadline
Abnormal Psychology, , Accelerator Physics, , Accounting, , Acoustic Engineering, , Acoustics, and 501 more Administrative Law, Adult Education, Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Aesthetics, African languages, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Algebra, Algorithms, Altaic languages, Analysis, Analytical Chemistry, Ancient History, Animal Biology & Ethology, Animal Science, Anthropological Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Applied Mathematics, Applied Philosophy, Applied Physics, Applied Psychology, Aquaculture, Archaeology, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Network, Arts Administration, Arts Education, Astrobiology, Astrochemistry, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences, Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Audio Systems Engineering, Austroasiatic languages, Austronesian languages, Automotive Engineering, Automotive Systems Engineering, Baltic languages, Behavioural Economics, Behavioural Science, Big Data, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Biogeography, Bioinformatics, Biological Anthropology, Biological Psychology, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics, Biostatistics, Biosystems Engineering, Biotechnology, Botany and plant science, Business Administration, Business Economics, Business Education, Business Ethics, Cancer Research, Cartography, Catalysis, Cell Biology, Chemical Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Physics, Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemo-informatics, Child and Youth Studies, Chronobiology, Civil Engineering, Civil Law, Classical Philology, Climatology, Cognitive Psychology, Commercial Law, Communication Design, Communication Engineering, Community Psychology, Comparative Democratization, Comparative Education, Comparative Politics, Composition Studies, Computational Biology, Computational Chemistry, Computational Economics, Computational Engineering, Computational Linguistics, Computational Mathematics, Computational Physics, Computational Sciences, Computer Architecture, Computer Communications (Networks), Computer Engineering, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Computer and Society, Computing in Mathematics, Natural Science, Engineering and Medicine, Computing in Social science, Arts and Humanities, Condensed Matter Physics, Conflict Processes, Constitutional Law, Constructed languages, Consumer Economics, Contract Law, Control Systems Engineering, Controlling, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Corporate Law, Cosmology, Criminal Law, Criminology, Crop Science, Cryogenics, Cultural Anthropology, Cultural History, Cultural Studies, Curriculum Theory, Cyber Security, Data Mining, Data Structures, Databases, Design History, Developing Country Research, Development Economics, Developmental Biology, Developmental Psychology, Didactics, Differential Psychology, Digital Education, Digital Law, Disability Research, Discourse Analysis, Distributed Computing, Early Childhood Education, Ecological Engineering, Ecology, Econometrics, Economic Geography, Economic History, Economic Psychology, Economic Sociology, Educational Assessment, Educational Leadership, Educational Management, Educational Policy, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology, Educational Theory, Electrical Engineering, Electrochemistry, Electromagnetism, Electronics, Emotion, Energy Economics, Energy Technology, Engineering Education, Engineering Physics, English Literature, Entomology, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Economics, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Law, Environmental Science, Epistemology, Ethics, Ethnology, European Law, Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Psychology, Experimental Physics, Experimental Psychology, Fashion Design, Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations, Film Studies, Finance, Financial Economics, Financial Law, Fine Arts, Fire Safety Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Food Economics, Food Science, Foreign Policy, Forensic Psychology, Forestry, Foundations of Political Theory, Further (Post-compulsory) Education, Game Design, Game Theory, Gender Studies, Gender and Law, Genetics, Geochemistry, Geodesy and Surveying, Geography, Geoinformatics (GIS), Geology, Geometry and Topology, Geomicrobiology, Geomorphology, Geophysics, Geostatistics, Geotechnical Engineering, Germanic languages, Graphic Design, Health Economics, Health Politics and Policy, Health Psychology, Hellenic languages, Higher Education, Histology, Historical Anthropology, Historical Linguistics, History of Art, History of Geography, History of History, History of Linguistics, History of Mathematics, History of Philosophy, History of Religion, History of Science, Horticulture, Human Biology, Human Development Theory, Human Geography, Human Resource Management, Human rights, Human-computer Interaction, Humanities Education, Hydraulics, Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Image Processing, Immunochemistry, Indigenous languages, Indo-Iranian languages, Industrial Design, Industrial Economics, Industrial Engineering, Informatics, Information Science, Information Systems, Information Systems (Business Informatics), Information Technology and Politics, Inorganic Chemistry, Instrumentation Engineering, Interior Design, Interlinguistics, International Economics, International Education, International History and Politics, International Law, International Relations, International Security and Arms Control, International and Comparative Labour, Intrapersonal Communications, Journalism, Jurisprudence, Labour Economics, Labour Law, Landscape Architecture, Language Education, Language Technology, Laser Physics, Latin, Legal History, Legal Psychology (Psychology and Law), Legislative Studies, Lexicography, Limnology, Linguistic Typology, Literacy Education, Literary Theory, Logic, Logic, Logistics, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Macroeconomics, Management, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Engineering, Marine Biology, Marine Engineering, Marine Geoscience, Marketing, Materials Chemistry, Materials Engineering, Materials Physics, Mathematical Chemistry, Mathematical Economics, Mathematical Physics, Mathematics Education, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, Mechatronics, Media Education, Media Law, Media Psychology, Media and Communication Studies, Medical Anthropology, Medical Physics, Medicinal Chemistry, Metaphysics, Meteorology, Microbiology, Microeconomics, Military Engineering, Mineralogy, Mining Engineering, Modern History, Molecular Biology, Molecular Chemistry, Molecular Physics, Morphology, Museology, Music, Musicology, Mycology, Nanobiochemistry, Nanobiology, Nanochemistry, Nanotechnology, National Politics, Neurolinguistics, Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Nordic Law, Nuclear Chemistry, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Physics, Number Theory, Observational Astronomy, Oceanography, Operating Systems, Optical Engineering, Optics, Organic Chemistry, Organizational Economics, Organizational Psychology, Organometallic Chemistry, Paleobiology, Paleoclimatology, Paleontology, Parallel Computing, Parasitology, Particle Physics, Peace Education, Pedagogic Theory, Performing Arts, Personality Psychology, Petrochemistry, Petroleum Engineering, Petrology, Philology, Philosophy of Science, Phonetics, Phonology, Photochemistry, Photonics, Physical Chemistry, Physiology, Phytochemistry, Plant Fertilization, Animal and Human Nutrition, Plant Protection and Animal Health, Plasma Physics, Political Communication, Political Economy, Political Methodology, Political Networks, Political Organizations and Parties, Political Psychology, Political Science Education, Political Theory, Politics, Politics and History, Politics, Literature and Film, Polymer Chemistry, Positive Psychology, Pragmatics, Pre-school Education, Primary Education, Probability Theory, Procedural Law, Product Design, Production development, Programming Languages, Project Management, Property Law, Psychoanalysis, Psycholinguistics, Psychophysics, Public Administration, Public Economics, Public Law, Public Policy, Quality Assurance Engineering, Quantitative Psychology, Quantum Computing, Quantum Physics, Race, Ethnicity and Politics, Radiochemistry, Railway Engineering, Real Estate Economics, Remote Sensing, Renewable Energy, Representation and Electoral Systems, Resource Economics, Rhetoric, Risk Management, Robotics, Romance languages, Safety Engineering, Scandinavian languages, Science Education, Science, Technology and Environmental Politics, Secondary Education, Seismology, Semantics, Semiotics, Semitic languages, Sign languages, Signal Processing, Sino-Tibetan languages, Slavic languages, Social Anthropology, Social Psychology, Social Research, Social Science Education, Social Stratification, Social Theory, Social Work, Social and Political Philosophy, Sociobiology, Sociocybernetics, Socioeconomics, Sociolinguistics, Sociology, Software Design, Software Engineering, Soil Science, Solid-state Chemistry, Solid-state Physics, Spatial Planning, Special Education, Spectroscopy, Sport Psychology, Sport Science, State Politics and Policy, Statistics, Stochastics, Strategic Management, Structural Biology, Structural Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Surface Chemistry, Syntax, Synthetic Chemistry, Systematics (Taxonomy), Systems Biology, Systems Engineering, Tax Law, Teacher Education, Teaching Methods, Technology Education, Technology Management, Telecommunications Engineering, Textile Design, Theoretical Chemistry, Theoretical Physics, Theory of Computation, Thermochemistry, Thermodynamics, Tourism, Tourism Economics, Transport Economics, Transportation Engineering, Uralic languages, Urban Design, Urban Politics, Urban Studies, Vehicle Dynamics, Virology, Visual Arts, Vocational Education, Volcanology, Waste Management, Water Science, Welfare Economics, West Germanic languages, Women and Politics Research, World Literatures, Zoology
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The University of Cergy-Pontoise – UCP – is a national university along with 17 other national universities in the Paris area.

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